Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is a Blog devoted to news pertaining to the descendants of Late Badettu Narayanappaya who constitute more than 700 in number, settled in India at different places and a few places abroad. Though Narayappaya and Srinivasaappaya constituted Badettu family, this Blog will report only about the successors of the former though the latter also has a number of descendants worthy of mention.

The Blog will consist of three parts-one about news and developments, a quiz and an answer. In the comments section members of the vast family are free to send their comments, suggestions and critiques which will be published if the elementary civility is observed. There are many gaps in the information about the family and what ever is put down here is based on the consultation with some of the senior members who are still there to share their experience. Utmost care will be taken to exercise maximum precaution to avoid factual errors, acrid comments, unsolicited advice, promotion of any individual, settling personal scores etc. 

Any suggestion is welcome in the form of comments.