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Kollam was the focal point of major activities of Badettu family till the time of Vasudeva, the eldest son of Narnappaya. Of course the shift to Alleppey started a lilltle bit earlier with Vasudeva's health failing due to daiabetes and other ailments. Till his death in 1966 Vasudeva was literally the kingpin controlling the family related matters as Narnappaya was getting aged and not involved in business. The Sri Krishna Bhavan Hotel at Chinnakada, Kollam was doing good business till the labor problem started telling on its profitability and the focus then started shifting to Alleppey. While Vasudeva was literally an uncrowned king in Kollam, he had a house in the Ahramam area, a good one by the then standards and all third generation members used to visit the house regularly. It was more like a family head quarters outside Padubidri.

Most famous third generation descendants and associates of Badettu family were three Rams, Sethuram, Jayaram and Raghuram. Sethuram was the eldest son of Vasudeva, Jayaram was the second son of Kande Kridhnanna (son-in-law of Narnappaya) and Raguram was related to Radhakka (wife of Narnappaya). These three youngsters were studying in Kollam staying in Vasudeva's house, also helping in hotel business. They were so close to each other that they were literally inseparable. No one would say that they were belonging to different families because of their unity and day to day to activities. Interestingly Sethuram was the most handsome with light colored skin and an ever smiling face on his shoulders. Jayaram was a fantastically hilarious young man capable of cutting incessant jokes without any sign of laughter on his face. Raghuram was some what more serious but very intelligent young man. During the years they spent together at Kollam, their behavior and unity could have been the envy of any one.

In one of the incidences narrated by Dr P Vedavyasa Rao, currently the senior most living member in Badettu family who was a shishya of these "three musketeers", fun and frolic were the hall marks of their day to day life. The house in ahramam area in Kollam was about two kilometers from the center of the town and walking was the only mode of transportation available then. For those who lived in that area, it was a sight to see the three Rams walking across the big Maidan to reach their house after the hotel is closed, joking and laughing all the time! Like to day's youngsters they also had the habit of cracking jokes at others, irrespective of the gender and making fun of people who behave in different ways. Of course for other younger boys like Govinda, Mohana, Subba, Ambi and others growing up in Kollam, the three Rams were role models.

It is a tribute to the God-minded Rams that they all were adequately educated to reach good positions in their life. Sethuram became a senior Official under government of India while Jayaram joined Air India to retire eventually as a senior executive in erstwhile Bombay. Interestingly Sethuram and Jayaram even stayed a while together at an apartment in Kings Circle though Sethuram shifted to Bangalore for leading a retired life later. His five children, all males, are in Bangalore to day leading their own lives. Jayaram was able to buy his own apartment in Koliwada near Sion where many youngsters seeking fortune in the fertile land of opportunity, were able to find temporary refuge and hospitality. Ratnakka, his amiable wife was joyfully cooking delicious food for all these "guests" in a house which was made up of just two small rooms! Jayaram's children, four in number, all males are settled down in Mumbai, Dubai and United States, blessed as they are giving support to their mother. Raghuram, being an industrious person, was able to enter India Railways, retiring at Chennai, the erstwhile Madras.

For those who were close to the Rams, their time was some thing cherished and remembered and it is unlikely that such a time will ever be possible under the modern fast moving living style of to day. This is not to say that the youngsters from the fourth, fifth and subsequent generations are in any way inferior to the three Rams but the environment they are living is totally different. God bless all.

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Rishab is a fifth generation youngster born to Nagin ( grand son of Pangal Srinivasa Rao and Badettu Venkatrao) and Anu, settled at Chennai who has a passion for western music and he is going to be graduating in music from a reputed music academy in Russia. Hopefully another Beethoven in making.

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