Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Many members of Badettu family must have seen the gracious photo of Lakshmi Amma flashed across the Facebook recently by his eldest son Govinda. How serene and composed she looks in this unique photo! It is a fact that she is the most active 2nd generation members at present though at her advanced age she has some minor health problems. During the recent meeting at Udupi an attempt was made to persuade her to attend but the efforts did not bear fruit because of her reluctance to undertake long journey, that too in this hot summer from Chintamani to Udupi. Same applied to Padmavati of Admar who finds it difficult to move around without physical help, besides being frail in health. 

It was the brain wave of Badettu Narnappaya to have an alliance with the family of Adiga Subbraya Bhat, father of Laksmi Amma after knowing them well through business association. Besides Subbraya Bhat was closely connected to the Eashwara Temple at Padubidri, his house being part of the Temple Complex with the front "ankana" leading to the Temple pradakshina area. Both Padmanabha (Paddanaya to many), one of the twin sons of Narnappaya and Laksmi Amma must have been a pretty couple in their younger days with the latter oozing "lakshana" all over! Who can forget the unforgettable and infective "laughing" of Paddanaya who should have been a part of Guinness Book for his record of never losing his temper! The couple had a set of "navaratnas" as children with each one excelling the other in self priming and achieving success in life in spite of hardships during childhood. The difference between a "Ratna" and the off springs of this couple is that while the former reflects light from its outer surface, the navaratnas radiate brightness (goodness) from inside. 

What Lakshmi Amma has undergone in real life can be an unparalleled story rarely encountered in real life any where in the world. Among the six sons of Badettu Narnappaya, Paddanna was the most modest and unassuming with no brashness or ego and probably this trait made Laksmi Amma a solid house wife -cum-strict mother, assuming the house hold responsibility with considerable determination and patience. She had to face severe tests in her life in carrying her family on her shoulders because of financial difficulties following disintegration of the partnership hotel business at Kollam and subsequent losses incurred in independeny business ventures. How she was able to educate her children against these odds is a story worth writing in gold. Without exception all her children were graduates and above and they served as managers, engineers, chartered accountants, air force technician and other lucrative jobs. It is tribute to her sagacity and wisdom that she shook of the early loss of one of her brightest sons due to a road accident, untimely loss of her first daughter-in-law recently and similar shocks with considerable aplomb. 

One of the bright spots in her life was the constant support she received from her own brothers and cousins but for whom the story would not have been as rosy as to day. All members of Badettu family must salute this admirable lady and pray for her good health and continued presence among us for years to come.      

Quiz of this issue
Is there any hotelier among the present members of Badettu Family and if so who is the person and where is his operational area? 

Answer to Quiz of the last issue
No there is no marine engineer in Badettu family so far. One can only hope that one of the fifth generation members will become a marine engineer.


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