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Old age is catching up with the members of Badettu family and yesterday's young and handsome members of 3rd generation are becoming a graying community with wisdom and patience writ all over their face. During earlier days reaching an age of 60 was considered some thing special, then the threshold got raised to 70 years, then to 80 years and now 80+ is considered normal! In Badettu family there are only a few members living beyond 80 years and their living presence among us is indeed a blessing.

While Badettu Narnappaya completed almost a century, if the cricketing terminology is used, while one of his sons Venkatramana could only reach 93 years. Among the second generation "bahus" two are still among us with 80+ and we can hope for their continued presence at least till they reach 100 years. Pray God for the same. Besides most of those who are not with us to day died after crossing the 80+ age mark. Thus longevity seems to be the "trait" passed on to succeeding generations by Badettu Narnappaya and his spouse, the ever smiling Radhakka.

How about the 3rd generation members. In the male line no one has reached the magical figure of 80 still but one can hope that within this decade there will be a few octogenarians emerging. Here again all must pray for this to happen. Among the female line also there are a few septuagenarians vying for the honor of achieving sahasra chandra darshana. Let us pray for their longevity also. One always wonders regarding the secret of longevity. Some say it is the life style that decides about one's life span, not the horoscope! But God fearing as we all are, our faith in horoscope should not be shaken. Scientifically it is being postulated that calorie starvation could be the key to longevity and probably our forefathers practiced more disciplined eating unlike the modern generation.

Latest to join the octogenarian club will be Mr Madhava Bhat, son in law of late Badettu Padmanabha and Lakshmi Akka, and husband of Ms Leelavathi who will be celebrating his 80th birth day on 4th June at Sri Anantheshwara Temple in Udupi. Those who attended the March 20 meeting of Badettu family descendants cannot forget Mr Madhava Bhat who was the chief guest, being the senior most member among those attended on that day. He was nobility, sincerity, wisdom and charisma all rolled into one and his active participation was well appreciated by one and all. If possible all members of Badettu family must attend this function on 4th June without waiting for an invitation. This blogger is not lucky enough to attend the function because of some commitments of travel outside the country. Here are the wishes from the heart of all those who might miss the function and prayers for his reaching the century mark without any hiccups. 

Answer to the quiz in the previous Blog

It may be difficult to identify the first person from Badettu family married to a caste or religion outside shivalli brahmin community. If any one has this information, same may be stated in the comments section. This Blogger does not consider such marriages unhealthy and from a biological point of view it provides a route for gene diversification unlike inbreeding that takes place within a community. Only point that may have to be considered is the compatibility between the bride and bridegroom who after all have to spend their entire life together.

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Who among the Badettu family descendants made Kailash Yatra first?


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