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Considering that there are over 700 descendants of Badettu Family of Padubidri, some senior members thought of the idea of organizing a convention some time in Oct-December 2012 to provide an opportunity for getting to know more about their co-members and create a permanent net work for interaction and mutual benefit. Preliminary to this Convention a smaller get together of the grand children of Narnappaya has been planned at Udipi on March 20, 2012. Further details are given below: 



During the recent obsequies ceremony of Late Govinda Rao of BTH at Ernakulam, it was a sight to see all the members of the family based in Thripunithara congregate and carry out the function in great plomb and decorum. All the second generation members of his family and a few third generation families were there rubbing shoulder with each other to complete the formalities as per Madhwa tradition. Though the family branch of Late Govinda Rao is a parallel branch in the Badettu Group, descending from late Srinivasapaya, the one based in Padubidri established by late Narnappaya has more roots in South Canara region with intimate association/ linkages to Padubidri temple and Brahmasthana and several second generation members have settled down here. It was the desire expressed by several members of Narnappaya family that it is desirable to have a convention of all members of this group to renew old connections and establish bridges to new third and fourth  generation members. An attempt is therefore being made now to organize a preliminary get together of the second generation members with the blessings and guidance of Dr P Vedavyasa Rao, the senior most member of the family on March 20, 2012 at Udipi. The Venue, Time and Agenda for the meeting will be intimated later after getting response from senior members of Badettu family.  


Badettu Family is said to have established its roots in 1861 at Padubidri with Vasudevappaya as the head. After him the mantle fell on Venkatappayava, folowed by Narayanappayy. It was during Narayanappa the Badettu family got the nick name "Kudukka" or Fox. Narayanappa had 6 sons -Vasudeva, Subbraya, Venkata, Ananthrama, Padmanabha and Gopalakrishna and 3 daughters Yamuna, ---, -- . Narayanappa died at the ripe old age of 100 years. his sons were settled in Alleppey and Kollam though their families later shifted to other places. One of the most memorable events at Badettu House was the Shatabisheka celebrations of Narayanappa in 1950 though many other functions like marriages were conducted there till the year 1980. Narayanappa was one of the "Pathris" at Brahmasthana for a number of years and had considerable influence in Padubidri. His role in establishing and renovating Padubidri Temple has been well recognized. Presently descendants of Ananthrama stay in  Badettu House while the families of others stay in different parts of the country. No first generation members are alive to day. The family has transformed from a predominantly temple priest oriented one to a hotelier family through 5 decades but to day it is dominated more by educated professionals, with important positions in many corporate organizations. A congregation of all members of the Badettu family is expected to  give an opportunity for evolving pride and satisfaction amongst the family members for being blessed to be part of this illustrious family.


The objectives are:

-to renew the contacts and relationship amongst the second generation family mambers 
-to get acquainted with all the families of 3rd and fourth generation members
-to create an exclusive Geni data base containing all the details of family members
-to inculcate a feeling of "oneness" and create bon homies amongst the members
-to establish communication linkages for future communication and exchange of ideas
-to share the rich life experience of many senior members with new generation mambers
-to honour achievers and senior family members and inculcate a feeling of pride, besides setting them as model citizens
-to evolve, if found feasible,, a mechanism to channelize ideas and experience of elders to younger members on a regular basis
-to examine the feasibility of holding such a convention periodically, say once 5 years to update the relationship
-to discuss modality for setting up a revolving fund for organizing regularly festivals or religious functions in Padubidri Temple, Brahmasthana, Indrali and Kodangala.
-to set up a mechanism for disseminating news regularly once in 3 months to keep members informed about developments in Badettu family.
-to evolve an institutional mechanism for facilitating alliances and marriages for boy and girls of marriageable age


As a preliminary exercise it is propose to convene a one day meeting of second generation families at Udipi as stated earlier.  An event will be organized for all the interested members to attend. Probably a ratha yatra in Udipi, a special event in Udipi temple, or any other temple with maximum acceptability. Further planning of the entire family gathering can be done at this meeting. Incidentally the famous Padubidri Ratha Yatra falls on March 21 followed by the "chendu" festival the following day.


It will be greatly appreciated if you can furnish brief details about yourself and your family, your off springs and their families and your grand children and their families. Information useful include: Name, full address, age, education, profession, alliance families, etc that will be useful to compile a directory for distribution at the meeting if possible or later.  


A temporary Secretariat has been set up under the coordination of Mr P Krishnan, also known to many as Kichen in Udipi in the following address:
P Krishnan
S.No 154/2,Badagabettu Ashwni
Tapande Cross Rd
Near Hanuman Garrage
Chitpadi, UDIPI 576 101-Tel-0820 2528842; (mob) 09448610973

Mr Krishnan popularly known as Kichen will contact you for any information you want to pass on and all corresponce may be made with him.


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