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Narnappaya is the central character of the story of Badettu family settled in Padubidri. He has often been described as a pious, well built person with charismatic personally and none of his descendants could match his physique that made him a compulsive overlord of all he surveyed during his life time. He married at a relatively young age and the bride was Radhamma, also popularly known as Radhakka lo the local people who considered her a matriarch of considerable wisdom. Radhakka was practicing strict religious rituals with no compromise earning respect from one and all. Narnappaya and Radhakka were practically the wisest people to the local tribal community as well as to all Shivalli brahmin families in Padubidri Village 

He is supposed to have renovated the old Badettu House, after his return from service with the Royal Family of Travancore and established himself as a Patron for all activities in the village. His role in renovating the famous/historical Mahalingeshwara temple is remembered even to day and his service as Moktheshwar or Manager of this temple for a number of years spread its fame far and wide. The Garbhagriha portion of the Ganapathi Temple, which is even to day is considered one of the four sacred temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha in the region of south canara, was redone under his guidance and the Badettu family considered this temple as one closely linked to its fortunes. The ancient practice of serving all devotees with "Panaka", a sweetened drink made from Lemon ( Sherbet) and butter milk, during the annual festival at Mahalingeshwara Temple, is a tradition started by him and this is continued even to day by the  present day residents of Badettu House. 

Narnappaya's fame and reputation were further consolidated by his active association with Brahmasthana, the sacred grove where Vana Durga (Khadgeshwari) is supposed to reign as the undisputed Goddess for the people of Padubidri and surrounding areas. This is a unique worshiping place where no buildings or structures are permitted as per the wishes of the presiding deity and even to day it is a landmark, untouched by modern civilization, preserved in all its natural glory. The Kornaya family members are only chosen to perform "Thambila" and "Dakke Bali", the first one any day of the year while the latter is conducted once in two years. Those selected by Goddess to perform these rituals are possessed during the time of the ritual and it is believed they can do amazing wonders as a medium of the Goddess. Badettu Narnappaya performed this role for a number years as senior "Pathiri" at Brahmasthana earning tremendous respect and admiration from communities in and around Padubidri.

One of the most memorable experiences of the community in Padubidri was the miracle performed by Narnappaya in transforming "Pingara" the tender flower liked by the Goddess during the rituals into horsegram on his palm and threatening to throw the same that would have caused, according to belief, mass incidence of spread of the dreaded infectious disease Small Pox. This was necessitated by the frequent quarrels and disunity among the Shivalli Brahmins in the area causing disharmony in the village. How this action caused the community to forget their differences and unite again, is history and a standing testimonial to the greatness of this man. One of the benevolent practices during his hey days was serving oil for body massage and feasts to local tribal community and fellow Brahmin families every year during his birth day.which was well appreciated by all.  

Later part of the life of Narnappaya provides more interesting episodes and will be published in due course. If there are any mistakes or factually incorrect statements in the above narration, please give the correct version

Quiz: Who was the first qualified Chartered Accountant in Badettu Family? Be free to air your views.   

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