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Badettu Narnappaya, a man of few words but with a steel mind, besides being a workaholic found enough time to raise a family of six sons and two daughters. While his daughters were given in marriage at very early age his sons associated with him in all his activities helping him to build business and properties. when he breathed his last in 1973 at Badettu House at Padubidri his sons were basically settled down at Kollam and Alappuzha with their families. None of the members of this second generation Badettuans is living to day.

His first son Vasudeva, fifth son Padmanabha and sixth son Gopalakrishna were supposed to have been looking after the Hotel at Kollam, his second son Subbaraya, third son Venkataramana and fourth son Ananthrama took up the responsibility of managing Alappuzha business. Over a period of time the hotel business both in Kollam and Alappuzha were wound up after the demise of the second generation stalwarts and to day there is only one tiny restaurant working in Alappuzha run by a third generation Badettuan of venkataramana lineage. It is amazing that the modern trend of educating their children to become professionals did did catch up with Badettu family also and there are many engineers, doctors, scientists, chartered accountants, teachers, MBAs, among the third and fourth generation Badettuans occupying high positions presently as well as in the past.

Two daughters of Narnappaya, married into reputed families lived well for years and their children and grand children also were well educated to become good professionals. Their second generation families are scattered across many places in the South like Bangalore, Mysore, Kaladi, Hyderabad etc. Looking back it was not a good idea for the Badettu family as a whole not to have cultivated close relationship resulting in lack of firm linkages among them. 

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The first engineer who graduated in engineering was Mr V Jagadisan, son of Late Venkataramana of Alleppey. He completed his BE in Electrical engineering from the then Regional Engineering College, Suratkal and retired from National Textile Corporation establishment at Kollam a few years ago. Only other engineer in the third generation is Mr Krishnan, a chemical engineer who retired from Binani company a few years ago. In the fourth generation there are about a dozen engineers all working in good positions with private sector companies located in India as well as abroad.

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Who was the first MBA in Badettu family?  


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