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In spite of being a busy personality Badettu Narnappaya found enough time to find worthy daughter in laws for all his sons from decent families. Radhakka, wife of Narnappaya was a pious God-fearing matriarch and using her charm located suitable brides for her sons. One redeeming feature of this selection process was that the families who sent their daughters to Badettu household were very respected ones in and around Padubidri. Similarly Radhakka also found suitable matches for her two daughters from nearby places and send them away befitting the stature of Badettu family. 

Vasudev, the first son married early and lost his wife after delivering a son who became later the first Chartered Accountant in the family. There after Vasudev married Tulasi from a family in Pavanja and became father of six daughters and one son. While Vasudev passed away early due to some health problem Tulasi lived till recently and died due to serious illness in her last son's house at Kollam. The daughters were all married of before her death to good families in Kerala and karnataka and there are several children and grand children who carry the flag of the family aloft.

Subbraya, the second son got his bride Padmavati from a family in Admar, about 6 km from Padubidri and begot three sons and four daughters. Except for one daughter all others are living to day in Kerala and Karnataka, married happily. They have several children and grand children and are leading a contended life spending their time with them happily. While Subraya breathed last some years ago at Admar, his wife, the proud mother, grand mother and great grand mother all rolled in one is still a living legend at the old ancestral home at Admar her age approaching century.  Being the senior most Bahurani of Badettu Family among the living ones, her blessings and guidance are sought by the descendants of Narnappaya as when they visit Mangalore-Udipi area. If any one wants to learn the the management technique to maintain a family with its head away at Alleppey for business most of the time,  Padmavati, popularly known as Paddakkaya to many, can provide the necessary inputs. Truly she can qualify for MBA in family management from any University to day. May God give her years of further life to bless and inspire the later generation of descendants of Badettu family. 

Venkataramana, the third son married Kaveri from Kande House nearby, hardly a stone throw distance away from Badettu house. They were able to beget 12 children out of which 10 are living to day other two dying at early stages of their life. Though Kande House is no more now because of neglect and no descendant ever taking interest for its maintenance, some of the members of Kande family still live in Kerala-Karnataka region. While the Patriarch of this family died about 12 years ago at Alleppey in his house, the Matriarch also passed away there itself seven years ago. Their children, six sons and four daughters are well settled with their respective children and grand children also living in Kerala-Karnataka-Tamilnadu region. The Allepey house is remembered for fostering the feeling of "one family" because many third generation descendants spent part of their early life here for education and employment.

Padmanabha, one of the twin sons of Narnappaya married Lakshmi from a family nearby and spawned nine children out of which eight are living to day, well settled in Kerala-Karnataka region with one exception. One of the sons has settled down in Gujarat. The legendary Lakshmi of the other living bahu of Badettu family is still hale and hearty though an octagenerian providing inspiration to all descendants of Narnappaya. She is a role model for all those wanting to learn about the virtues of forbearance and endurance and still have a contended living in spite of several hardships and set backs in life. She is another candidate for MBA in family management being a lady with experience. She lives with her sons and daughters by rotation guiding her family with her rich experience and wisdom. May God bless her with further life for carry on her mission to hold aloft the reputation of her own family as well as that of the entire Badettu group of descendants. 

Ananthrama, the other twin son of Narnappaya and Radhakka, led a simple life, most of the time in Alleppey helping his brothers to run the hotel business and he married Janaki from nearby Kinnitu House to lead a happy life. Because of compulsions of family business he could get little time to spend with his wife and children who inherited the original Badettu House. Out of the seven children born to them, three sons and four daughters, six are still living in Kerala-Karnataka-Tamilnadu region, having spawned several children of their own lending them support and giving love and affection. Janaki also was an able family manager, raising the kids with admirable restraint and patience because her husband had to spend almost half his life in Alleppey for business. Being a resident of the Badettu family, she had to coordinate the visits of all those visited Badettu household frequently for attending many functions. It is admirable that her well trained male siblings are still carrying out traditional religious practices started by Badettu Narnappaya during his life time. Both Anantrama and Janaki died at Badettu House several years ago. 

Gopalakrishna, the sixth and last son of Narnappaya was supposed to be very handsome when he was young and he married his own maternal cousin Saraswathi from nearby village. Though the couple spent most of their life in Kollam, they also set up houses in Alleppey and Haripad searching for better business opportunities. They begot five children out of which three are still living in Kerala. Though they could not give higher education to their children, God has blessed their grand children who have respectable job positions at Kochi and Bangalore. Only God and their own children know the trials and tribulations they had to face after the demise of their parents in attaining respectability in the society. As a family, Badettu's second generation and third generation members seemed to have failed in their duty to extend a helping hand to descendants of Gopalakrishna when it was required most.

If the tapasya of Narnappaya and poiusness of Radhakka have any meaning, all the descendants of Badettu family will be benefited in times to come and there is no doubt that the golden age of Badettu family will begin hereafter if they all remember the sacrifices made by their ancestors with gratitude. The Meeting at Udipi on March 20 should rededicate the life to the welfare of one and all who had the fortune to be a part of the family by birth or marriage alliance. 
[Rider to the above narration: It is based entirely on bits of information extracted from some of the senior members of Badettu Family and from my own memories and impressions. If there are any inaccuracies readers are invited to bring to point out through the comments column.] 

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